Captive Heart (Trade Winds #1)

Captive Heart (Trade Winds #1)

ISBN: 0786227192

ISBN 13: 9780786227198

Publication Date: September 18, 2000

Publisher: Thorndike Press

Pages: 355

Format: Hardcover

Author: Linda Lee Chaikin

4.00 of 220

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Life was perfect, Devora thought. Assisting her Uncle Barnabas with his patients was exhilarating, and the thought of marriage to her beau, Edward, filled her heart with joy. Then the Countess of Radburn made a life-changing announcement: Devora must marry a Spanish don. In her desperate search for Edward, Devora encounters a mysterious stranger with a small, but lethal, dagger . . . From perilous intrigue at court to battles between Spanish conquerors and English pirates, Captive Heart takes you on a romantic adventure in a time when love, honor, and faith forged a sacred trust.

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