Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea

Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea

ISBN: 0070445583

ISBN 13: 9780070445581

Publication Date: August 01, 1984

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

Pages: 128

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Ellen MacGregor, Paul Galdone

3.73 of 52

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Imagine Miss Pickerell's indignation when she hears that her famous collection of rocks from Mars has gone down with the shipwreck of Liberty Bell!. Miss Pickerell's frantic efforts to recover the precious rocks involve not only a race between rival salvage companies - but Miss Pickerell finally has to put on a diving outfit and search for the wreckage herself!

And with her usual spirit of adventure she is fascinated to learn all about deep-sea diving, atomic submarines, underwater television, sonar equipment.

As usual, Miss Pickerell is straight wonder, but the scientific details are just as authentic and up-to-the-minute as modern findings can make them. And Paul Galdone's humorous drawings are again the crowning touch to an unpredictable Miss Pickerell adventure.

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