Star Trek 5

Star Trek 5

ISBN: 0553143832

ISBN 13: 9780553143836

Publication Date: 1977

Publisher: Bantam Books

Pages: 136

Format: Paperback

Author: James Blish

3.66 of 869

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The fifth volume in a series of Star Trek: The Original Series adaptations published by Bantam Books. Includes seven stories: Whom Gods Destroy, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, The Tholian Web, This Side Of Paradise, Turnabout Intruder, Requiem for Methuselah, The Way to Eden.

(from the book jacket)

The Enterprise blazes new star trails to danger as Kirk, Spock and the rest encounter –

- an asylum planet where the mad rule
- a universe with a total population of one
- race warfare to the death – whiteblack against blackwhite
- paradise – with a most unusual serpent
- the ultimate in women's lib
- an almost eternal triangle
- a gang of galactic grop-outs
– and other startling problems and perils.

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