Star Trek 4

Star Trek 4

ISBN: 030711189X

ISBN 13: 9780307111890

Publication Date: 1977

Publisher: Bantam Books

Pages: 134

Format: Paperback

Author: James Blish

3.65 of 868

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The fourth volume of Star Trek: The Original Series episode novelizations. Includes the following stories: All Our Yesterdays, The Devil in the Dark, Journey To Babel, The Menagerie, The Enterprise Incident, A Piece of the Action.

(from the book jacket)

Six assignments in space and time In the name of the Federation Council and the Starfleet Command, Spock and the Enterprise crew grapple with:

- A Silicon-Based Monster
- An Interplanetary Spy
- An Amorous Amazon
- A Misguided Mobster "Boss"
- A Time-Jumping Technician
- And the Mind-Enslaving Elders of Talos IV, in the "Hugo" Award-Winning Episode "Menagerie."

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