Forward the Foundation (Foundation: Prequel #2)

Forward the Foundation (Foundation: Prequel #2)

ISBN: 0553565079

ISBN 13: 9780553565072

Publication Date: February 01, 1994

Publisher: Bantam/Spectra

Pages: 464

Format: Paperback

Author: Isaac Asimov

4.14 of 33,989

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Librarian's note: There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here.

A stunning testament to his creative genius. Forward The Foundation is a the saga's dramatic climax -- the story Asimov fans have been waiting for. An exciting tale of danger, intrigue, and suspense, Forward The Foundation brings to vivid life Asimov's best loved characters: hero Hari Seldon, who struggles to perfect his revolutionary theory of psychohistory to ensure the survival of humanity; Cleon II, the vain and crafty emperor of the Galactic Empire,

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