ISBN: 1615720235

ISBN 13: 9781615720231

Publication Date: September 01, 2009

Publisher: Damnation Books, LLC

Pages: 48

Format: Paperback

Author: Edward M. Erdelac

4.14 of 8

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In 1760 somewhere near the Bight of Benin, an African shaman belonging to an obscure interior tribe surrenders himself willingly to an English slaving expedition. This man, Dubaku, has come in search of his wife, abducted and sold to another party of whites. Not knowing one ship from another, Dubaku boards the slaver hoping to find her. The captain, a cruel and careless man named Bryce, mistrusts him immediately, and when a rampant sickness takes its toll on the superstitious crew and their human cargo midway through the voyage to Jamaica, Bryce decides to offer up Dubaku as their Jonah. After a violent squall drowns the entire compliment of would-be slaves, Dubaku calls upon dark and terrible powers to enact a fitting vengeance on Captain Bryce and his men.

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