Perfect Victim

Perfect Victim

ISBN: 078601878X

ISBN 13: 9780786018789

Publication Date: December 01, 2008

Publisher: Pinnacle

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Author: Jay Bonansinga

3.25 of 99

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A slashed female corpse...a footprint, a tire track...a trail of blood in a crowded shopping mall. Even the most jaded cops are horrified by the carnage. But to seasoned FBI profiler Ulysses Grove, the evidence spells out a much more personal message--a threat that speaks to Grove alone...

Meticulous Killer...
He chooses his victims with care. He plans their murders with painstaking precision; he studies the most notorious slayers. He's gone to extremes to achieve his goals--committed to fulfilling his destiny as history's greatest serial killer...

With precious lives at stake, and his very soul on the line, Grove throws himself into the chase--and into a trap from which there's no escape...

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