Fleet Street: Five Hundred Years of the Press

Fleet Street: Five Hundred Years of the Press

ISBN: 0712306978

ISBN 13: 9780712306973

Publication Date: June 16, 2006

Publisher: British Library

Pages: 458

Format: Hardcover

Author: Dennis Griffiths

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This authoritative history of the press in London from its earliest days through to the re-launch of The Guardian in 2005 tells a fascinating story. Although there were "newsbooks" during the turbulent Civil War period, and rigorously state-controlled newspapers (such as the London Gazette) launched afterwards, the newspaper industry as we know it today really began to flourish in the 1690s, when it was released from censorship. New papers have been launched every year since then, yet only a few have adapted and survived. Those who have succeeded have learned to live by the words "Give the readers what they want," a mantra that Dennis Griffiths adopts in presenting this history.
Expertly weaving together themes ranging from political opinion, technological advances, advertising campaigns, unions, and price wars, to the influence of editors, the power of the Press Barons, gossip columnists, and the invention of the crossword, Griffiths presents a fascinating glimpse into the history of one of Britain?s most powerful and enduring industries.

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