Conversations, Vol. 1

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These days, it’s a victory to have an exchange longer than 140 characters, let alone a thoughtful and engaging conversation. With our newest e-book, Conversations: Volume 1, Tricycle is happily reminding you that these conversations do exist. Conversations is full of the best back-and-forths between the leading voices in contemporary Buddhism from our archives—spanning over two decades—including thoughts from the Dalai Lama on his daily routine; Pema Chödrön on Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche; and the actor Jeff Bridges on handling anxiety.

1. “Inside Out”: Spalding Gray interviews the Dalai Lama
2. “First Lesson, Best Lesson”: Helen Tworkov and Robert Coe interview Philip Glass
3. “Agent of Change”: Helen Tworkov interviews bell hooks
4. “No Right, No Wrong”: Helen Tworkov interviews Pema Chödrön
5. “BOOM!”: Tricycle interviews Zen Master Seung Sahn
6. “The Pleasures of Pain”: Andrew Cooper interviews Darlene Cohen
7. “The Natural”: Katy Butler interviews Jeff Bridges
8. “No Mean Preacher”: Joel Whitney interviews Robert Aitken Roshi
9. “The Great Compassion”: Jeff Wilson interviews Reverend Patricia Kanaya Usuki
10. “Allegiance To Life”: Sam Mowe interviews Joanna Macy
11. “Context Matters”: Linda Heuman interviews David McMahan
12. “The Counselor”: Winifred Bird interviews Ittetsu Nemoto

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