Beyond Our Selves

Beyond Our Selves

ISBN: 0800792963

ISBN 13: 9780800792961

Publication Date: September 01, 2001

Publisher: Chosen Books

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Author: Catherine Marshall

4.29 of 339

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This spiritual adventure from best-selling author Catherine Marshall relates tales from her childhood to marriage, and reads like a secret, questioning journal-and journey. Along the way, Marshall offers guidance on topics such as forgiveness, suffering, miracles, unanswered prayer, and healing. The result is a poignant revelation of her authentic search for a meaningful life, a practical faith, and a closer relationship with God.With more than two million copies in print, the continuing vitality of Beyond Our Selves stems from its basic practicality as a book that shines insight on subjects concerning every believer. In fact, Beyond Our Selves is inspiring millions of people around the world in search of meaning for their lives-challenging them to stretch their beliefs, deepen their faith, and revitalize their purpose.

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