Crossed Genres Quarterly 4

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Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines Science Fiction & Fantasy with a new theme. Quarterly 4 contains Issues 34 (Monsters), 35 (Dark Comedy) and 36 (Different), plus exclusive new content!


Issue 34: Monsters
“The Fire” by Timothy T. Murphy
“Inhuman Resources” by William Gerke
“Waiting in the Light in the Hungry Months” by Megan Engelhardt
“Skin and Scales” by Rachel Bender
“Monsters, Monsters Everywhere” by Carrie Cuinn
“Raw Materials” by Bernie Mojzes (Exclusive New Fiction)

Issue 35: Dark Comedy
“Jezebel’s Blouse” by Timothy T. Murphy
“Jason’s Shoes” by Richard Bist
“The Execution of Zacharius Grubb” by Bethan Claire Price
“Chasing Persephone” by Natalie Stachowski
“Worse Than a Devil” by Sarina Dorie

Issue 36: Different
“Black Betty” by Nisi Shawl
“Portrait of a Courtesan” by Megan Arkenberg
“The Last Recall” by Mason Ian Bundschuh
“Second Place” by Sarah A. Drew
“Zeppelin Follies” by Cat Rambo
“The Remote-Controlled Doggirl” by Lara Ek
“Beaumains” by Jo Thomas
Poem: “Stuck On a Boat With a Soccer Mom” by Helen Estrada
“Young Lions” by Zachary Jernigan
“My Other Half” by Maria Stanislav
“There Was a Little Girl” by Tom Howard (Exclusive New Fiction)

Cover Art – “The Very Ugly Duckling” by Minna Sundberg

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